Beautiful place
Camp Site Stará Hora is located in a nice convenient place right on the shore of Oravská priehrada (Orava Dam).
There are a handful of sport venues and places to unwind and relax. All in the heart of the Mother Nature.
Sport and activities
Unique spots
Take an amazing walk in remote areas that boast a magnificent cultural and historic monuments.

Welcome to Orava Dam,

Camp Site Stará hora is located in a nice place on the shore of Oravská priehrada (Orava Dam) near Námestovo city. The park gives you a chance to enjoy a magnificent view of the highest peak of Oravské Beskydy mountain and mountain Babia hora – must-see tourist spots nearby.

Staying in a lodge

We offer a range of accommodation options including 2 to 8 bedroom lodges. All units are equipped with toilets, private bathroom, kitchenette and lounge. Although lodges are in standard style, camp site provides amenities which are more than adequate. Lodges are situated right in the camp site. More details can be found in the section Accommodation.

Tents and caravans

The park offers a lawn court for tents and powered sites for caravans providing a road panel for an easy access. The hedge row encloses each sites and so gives caravan drivers enough privacy and peacefull slumber. All these features make our holiday park popular with great ratings.

Leisure activities

The local piers often serve as a temporary home for all ship-route enthusiasts. You can take a rest and roam around in less developed locations. If you gladly swap facilities for more activities in the nature, head for a wild forest nearby often visited for its mushroom, forest fruits or curative herbs picking spots.

Camping facilities and services


lodges, caravan-holiday by the water

powered caravan sites


lawn court for tents with benches


convenient store

sprchy, wc

bathrooms, toilets, dry toilets


campfire ring




playing field (volleyball, basketball

stolný tenis

table tennis


reserved pier by the water


rental services (pedal boat, boats)

vodné lyže

water skiing, banana boat riding, water heel

detské ihrisko

kids playground



wifi free

free wifi

What to do and see


  • restaurants
  • tennis court
  • pools, thermal baths, aquaparks
  • tours
  • cycle routes
  • galeries, museums
  • castles, cultural monuments
  • shopping malls
  • forest headland railway – Oravská Lesná – Vychylovka
  • astronomical clock Stará Lesná


Orava Dam is one of the most popular tourist centres. The Dam is a stop for thousands of campers every year. The most favoured place to stay in summer time is the southern and western part of the Dam. There is plenty of additional action to keep the family occupied, from swimming, yachting, pedal boats to kayaking and surfing. Sightseeing cruises and boat tours gives you a chance to see parts that would otherwise take days to explore. One of the most recommended recreation centres are campsite near the beach of Slanická Osada, port and Námestovo‘s beaches. Island of art, located in the middle of the Dam, attracts handful of tourists that come her to soak up atmosphere of the ancient Roman Catolic church Povýšenie svätého Kríža that dates back to 18th century. Now you can find here the permanent exposition of folk art, carving and painting. If you are one of those who wants to get deeper into history, see the collection of stony antique – the region‘s heritage. Fishing is also everyday pursuit here. Have a zander, carp, pike or huchen for a dinner!


Reservoir The Orava Dam is a part of hydraulic structure Orava (expansion tank Tvrdošín is also a part). The hydraulic structure is built at the confluence of the rivers Biela and Čierna Orava, located in the northern region of the same name – Orava.

Getting there and around:

  • Location: 49° 23? 59N latitude, 19° 32? 44S longitude
  • Area: 35 square kilometres
  • Water volume: 350 milions m3
  • Average mean depth: 15m
  • Maximum depth: 38m

The project started on 24th July 1941. After 13 years in 1954 the dam was put into full operation. Although the dam was necessary, there were few inevitable sacrifices – some villages like Slanica, Osada, Oravská Hámre, Ľavko, Ústie nad Oravou and two third of Námestovo city got under water. Due to all environmental intervantions Námestovo city has been deprived of historic centre. Yet, the artificial intrusion of nature brought out two small islands which tower above the water – Slanický ostrov, also known as Island of art, and Vtáčí ostrov. If you are lucky enough and visit the region at a time of low water level, the islands and a piece of land surfaces above the water and thus the land creates a nice trail connecting the islands. This is a place where you have the greatest chance to spot unique migratory water birds on their way to neigbouring land.